Modernizing the Telco Life-Cycle with Automation

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Find out how you can apply CT/CV to accelerate time to market for new and innovative services

Testing is the overlooked long pole in go to market for new services.  For decades, testing tools and systems have remained largely the same. You automate test execution, manually analyze the results, and, at best, set some rules or script some corrective action. This approach ignores 2/3 of the test life-cycle, resulting in a major business-impacting bottleneck for telcos. 

By combining AI with CI/CD principles, we are ushering testing into a new era that we call Continuous Testing & Continuous Validation (CT/CV).  The approach unlocks new potential for the telco to accelerate innovation within their network. 



Continuous Testing

Improve service roll-out with minimal outage using test automation and continuous testing.

Root Cause and Remediation

AGILITY can reduce the root cause analysis and remediation from hours to minutes using AI and Machine Learning.

Continuous Validation

With new services such as 5G and IoT, test validation allows operators to test a subset of the live network in an automated and accelerated fashion.




Step One

First Office Application drive tests result in packet capture (PCAP) data that is uploaded into AGILITY


Step Two

AGILITY automates the analysis and classification of these PCAP files, identifying root causes and remediation's as a part of continuous testing


Step Three

Out of the box parsers, models, and services are stored in the IQ Repository eliminating the impact of churn and loss of knowledge across the organization

"AGILITY reduced our end-to-end test process from hours to seconds, while reducing our MTTR by 30%"

– Reference from a top worldwide operator

Find Out Why Test Automation Is Failing Most Operators

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